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Armageddon Boys, Book Two: The Frog of War

The Frog of War

When you’re a Son of God, dating can be rough. Chase can’t break up with his girlfriend Taylor because demigods won’t let him, and he can’t stay with her because the ancient Sumerian war spirit that possesses her has a history of throwing her boyfriends through walls. As if his love life isn’t messed up […]

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Armageddon Boys, Book One: Judgment Daze

Judgment Daze

Someone is killing off Seth Brown’s half-brothers and he’s not going to put up with it. He may suck at remembering to load his gun, but he has something going for him: he is the Messiah. Well, one of them. Seth has all the talents you’d expect in a Son of God: he can turn […]

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About Jonathan Sean Lyster

Jonathan Lyster lives in the Pacific Northwest with a wonderful wife and two odd cats, Golly Gee and Gosh Darn. His work has appeared in such publications as On Spec. His upcoming novel, "Judgment Daze," launches a new series called "Armageddon Boys".

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