"JS Lyster Writes About A Near Future..."

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"When JS Lyster writes about the future, you will recognize how we could have gotten there from here. You'll meet people you'd like to meet now, and a few you'd very much prefer to avoid. The wry humor that infuses his writing takes each story from intriguing to entirely entertaining."

Oblivion's Wake

Oblivion’s Wake

David Glass is a man without a history. An illness radically altered his brain, and removed all memory of the first decade and a half of his life. He doesn’t know his journals are fiction, written by a psychopath.

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Musings and Articles

I don't blog regularly, so this part of the site tends to be a pretty eclectic collection of things I've noticed or experienced and felt an urge to comment on. My interests in writing and coding tend to show up, but they're not the only topics.

Reflections on University

To get into the University of Alberta in 1984, you had to write a Writing Competency exam, to ensure you knew how to put words together. You were given a list of topics, and told to choose one and then write an essay on it, over the course of two hours. I wrote in a […]

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Tutoring in C Programming

Twice a week I tutor a young man of fifteen years old in the fine art of C programming. I’ve been doing this for the past half-year, and it’s amazing to witness his progress. He had a desire to learn at the beginning but only a vague sense of how programming languages work or even […]

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Revamping at Last

At last, between work, writing, assorted coding (and woodworking) projects, I’m carving out a sliver of time to revamp this web site.  Expect more stuff soon; REALLY soon.

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About Jonathan Sean Lyster

"As Jonathan Lyster's friend, I need to warn you that any conversation you have with him, any story you tell him, and any behavior he witnesses can end up in his writing. He's gracious about changing the names to protect the innocent, though..."

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