Sample Reads

Welcome to the menagerie. Feel free to look in the cages but, please, don’t dangle any fingers. You never know what may be lurking there.



Illustration by Rick Sazon


Oblivion’s Wake (112,500 words)

All David’s knowledge of his first fifteen years comes from journals describing an idyllic childhood. When a new treatment promises to return his memories, he leaps at the chance. He doesn’t know his journals are fiction.

Read the first three chapters of the novel


The Mower’s Trial (5,520 words)

Spider needs all his processing power to bring a serial killer to justice in the machine ghetto.

Storyteller’s Award winner, Surrey International Writing Contest 2009

Read the short story


Corrective Surgery (3,510 words)

How will you hunt that woman down when you can’t even gather your own thoughts?

Published in On Spec magazine Volume 12 #1, Issue Number 40 Spring 2000

Read the short story



The Hunter of the Guileless (3,790 words)

Predators walk among us. Believe it.

Nominated for the 1999 Arthur Ellis Award for Crime Fiction
Published in Storyteller magazine Fall 1998

Read the short story

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