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I write urban fantasy comedy adventures and thought-provoking science fiction thrillers.

Armageddon Boys, Book One: Judgment Daze

Judgment Daze

Someone is killing off Seth Brown’s half-brothers and he’s not going to put up with it. He may suck at remembering to load his gun, but he has something going for him: he is the Messiah. Well, one of them. Seth has all the talents you’d expect in a Son of God: he can turn […]

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Oblivion’s Wake

David Glass is a man without a history. An illness radically altered his brain, and removed all memory of the first decade and a half of his life. He doesn’t know his journals are fiction, written by a psychopath.

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I live with my wife and at least two insane cats on Vancouver Island, a beautiful place that has not yet fallen into the sea. I'm often found in coffee shops making life harder for my characters and I'm easy to spot because story ideas burn the hair off my head.

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